Oracle Bots at Control Shift Festival

The computational world is full of mystical references and similarities with magical traditions. In this workshop we’ll explore parallels between coding and casting a spell through making oracle-bots. Bots are small computer programmes that automate text on social media streams we so often find ourselves on. Oracle-bots operate as divination machines and provide spiritual advice. The workshop led by Annika Kappner and Danae Tapia will consist of coding sessions and guided meditations to explore the collective imagination around analogue and digital connectivity through the body.

Oracle bots at Hackers and Designers

Visual artist Annika Kappner and technologist Danae Valentina from The Digital Witchcraft Institute, will lead a hands-on workshop to create oracle bots. This is going to be a holistic experience of technology and spirituality in which participants will be introduced to topics such as the politics of magic, cyborg intelligence and posthuman automated knowledge. They will also take part on guided meditations that will connect with the practical activity of creating an oracle bot using easy generative grammars and archetypal references from different supernatural traditions.