TEMPLUM – Rijksakademie Open Studios

Danae Tapia is turning her studio into a chapel. The central piece is an altar that displays 22 MIRRORS, an oracle-film depicting some of the psychical energies of current times: landscapes of climate crisis, death and heretical science. Through the use of visual programming software, 22 MIRRORS produces divinatory readings in the form of randomised … Read More

V2_Community Invites: 22 MIRRORS

Through an open dialogue and informal beta test of Danae Tapia’s project 22 Mirrors, the audience is invited this evening to experience, interact with & question the oracle at the center of this project. 22 MIRRORS is a multimedia poetry project that explores the many manifestations of the climate emergency. It is a divinatory device … Read More

The Grave – Performative lecture at Fragile Solidatities / Fragile Connections

Performative lecture, Kunstverein Wagenhalle and livestream The Grave uses excerpts from the Communist Manifesto and combines them with curated images collected by Danae Tapia from signal chats with friends. The intention is to create an oracular instance that uses the spiritually charged aesthetics of Marx and Engels’ text and visual media in conjunction with digital … Read More

The Real Power of Fiction

This week I was watching Todos Somos Técnicos, my favourite TV show on Chilean football, and while they were talking about the regulatory limitations to hire coaches, Johnny Herrera gave an example, according to him hypothetical, that would explain the reasoning behind this rule. He said “let’s imagine that U and Huachipato have the same … Read More

The Grave – Open studio presentation at Next Cloud Atelierhaus

The Grave is a digital device that produces oracular knowledge of Marxist characteristics. The oracle can be refreshed infinite times and will present a juxtaposition of visual and textual outputs. This is a product of the Next Cloud Atelierhaus residency organized by Servus.at and it will be presented publicly along with the works of the … Read More

A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers – On communism and mysticism

A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS) is a collaborative project formed around intersectional feminist, ecological servers. Understanding servers as computers that host space and services for communities around them, this project exists inside, and in between, roaming servers and different networks. Our decentralized programme will occur in 5 locations (The Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece, … Read More

We Are Enemies: A Spell to Perform at Amazon’s Crying Booth

Amazon offers ‘wellness chamber’ for stressed staff: “During shifts employees can visit AmaZen stations and watch short videos featuring easy-to-follow well-being activities, including guided meditations, positive affirmations, calming scenes with sounds.”

The Season of the Witch

For the first IMPAKT event of the year, we take you into the mystical world of digital witchcraft. Join us on 20 January 2022 to hear more about the subject from artists and researchers working with digital witchcraft. Speakers include artist and ‘digital witch’ Ginevra Petrozzi and feminist writer, artist and founder of The Digital … Read More

Fiction as a Critical Design Strategy

Workshop at Attending to Futures by Elvia Vasconcelos and Danae Tapia. This is a session in which we will investigate the uses of live sketching combined with creative writing as the starting points of a design methodology of exchange. We will engage in a back and forth experiment between ourselves and the participants. The output … Read More

Creative strategies to tackle the intersection between digital technologies and the climate emergency – Lightning Talk at IGF 2021

Gato.Earth is an independent activist project that since 2019 seeks to document and reflect on how digital technologies have contributed to the current climate emergency with a feminist anti-colonial approach. In the context of an unprecedented ecological crisis due to the extractivist model of capitalism, Gato.Earth is a unique space for researchers and activists to … Read More