The Grave – Performative lecture at Fragile Solidatities / Fragile Connections

Performative lecture, Kunstverein Wagenhalle and livestream

The Grave uses excerpts from the Communist Manifesto and combines them with curated images collected by Danae Tapia from signal chats with friends. The intention is to create an oracular instance that uses the spiritually charged aesthetics of Marx and Engels’ text and visual media in conjunction with digital intimacies. Ultimately, it is an exercise in re-territorialization with the potential to unleash a multiplicity of meanings that align with socialist ideals. She will map ideological trajectories and eventually find out if the communist drive is relevant in the twenty-first century characterized by capitalistic precarity and people’s struggles are tackled through sanitized concepts such as »activism« or »solidarity.« This project advances her research on bots, autopoiesis, and divination that she started during the Post-Doom web residency of Akademie Schloss Solitude.