V2_Community Invites: 22 MIRRORS

Through an open dialogue and informal beta test of Danae Tapia’s project 22 Mirrors, the audience is invited this evening to experience, interact with & question the oracle at the center of this project.

22 MIRRORS is a multimedia poetry project that explores the many manifestations of the climate emergency. It is a divinatory device that takes the form of a digital deck with 22 arcana that represent crucial forces of this global urgency, and through literary fiction, we attempt to channel the expressions and potentialities of each of these figures.

Capital, Lithium, The Farmer, The Child. Their voices resonate at intimate, local, regional, and planetary levels. Ours is a holistic proposal and those utilising the oracle are invited to observe the presence and effects of their own reflection in every corner of the planet.


At this event we will introduce the oracle and will put it to the test in a collective séance. Practitioners from different areas: artificial intelligence, divination, design, and others, will prepare questions in order to examine to which extent this device adapts to a variety of concerns. People from the audience will be invited to propose questions as well. The authors Danae Tapia and Javier Bertossi will read from a position of mediums, facilitating an atmosphere of intimacy, proper of fortune-telling instances. This experience will allow us to move forward with future iterations of this project involving publishing, the production of immersive literary artworks, and further artistic research on digital technologies and spirituality in the Anthropocene.

Danae Tapia is a writer, artist and technologist born in the Chilean working class. She is a 2022-2024 resident at the Rijksakademie, lecturer and researcher of Hacking at the Willem de Kooning Academy, and founder of The Digital Witchcraft Institute.

Javier Bertossi is a Chilean writer and poet known for his work as a scriptwriter, he is the creator of the awarded TV series El Reemplazante (The Substitute). He currently lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Andrés Tapia is an art director and industrial designer from Viña del Mar, Chile. He studies residual images and turn them into symbols and objects in order to create new narrative formulas. He made the 22 MIRRORS deck.