Our Final Statement: A Collective Poetic Remix of Autonomy and Dissent

This is a poem co-created by the participants of the theory sessions of the Autonomous Practices workshop at the Willem de Kooning Academy. It is a heretic remix of some of the content in the Verso Book of Dissent, a global anthology of revolutionary action. Each of us selected an appealing bit from the book, we compiled those bits in a pad, and I made the final editing. This is an attempt to explore autonomy as an opposition to power structures, also it is a paradoxical authorless piece that contains millions of voices.

First Encounters with Hacking Worlds

Artistry, trolling, collective knowledge and compelling visuals surround the world of hacking. This is a selection of our favourite content from the hackcur.io platform, a repository of clips depicting the ethics and aesthetics of hacker cultures.

Next Level Autopoiesis

This is an essay that celebrates stealing. This is a text about the point in which the idea of property trespasses materialities in such a way that any attempt of accountability results absurd. This is the ultimate triumph over fear. The posthuman art will not have an author, much less an owner, it will be […]

GPG Encrypted Communication and its Literary Possibilities

In this text, I will describe very briefly some aspects of the process of encrypted communication, specifically the GPG protocol which is used worldwide by people who need to protect the content of their emails [1]. I propose that a holistic understanding of this cryptographic process permits the construction of parallels between the act of […]