Sex Tech Talk Show

Technology is changing intimacy. As our reliance on technology to live, work and socialise grows, we are becoming increasingly comfortable with inviting it into the most intimate and personal moments of our lives. Join us to hear hear our speakers explore the delicate linking of sex and technology with psychology, philosophy, design, culture, education, spirituality … Read More

Contestational Computing: Perception, Communication, Justice and Rationality – Panel at KI-Camp

Discussion with Grayson Earle, Sabina Hyoju Ahn, Danae Tapia, Shirin Fahimi and Peter Polack. This session presents the work of five artists who use computational media to challenge normative ideas of perception, communication, justice, and rationality. Through research threads, that concern policing, algorithm regulation, practices of divination and biological systems, the artists will discuss how creative … Read More

Thinking the Digital through the Indigenous

Danae Tapia from The Digital Witchcraft Institute will participate in the panel Thinking the Digital through the Indigenous at the Control Shift festival in Bristol.

Oracle Bots at Control Shift Festival

The computational world is full of mystical references and similarities with magical traditions. In this workshop we’ll explore parallels between coding and casting a spell through the making of oracle-bots.

Sex is a Security Vulnerability: First Hacking Encounters

Artistry, trolling, collective knowledge and compelling visuals surround the world of hacking. This is a selection of our favourite content from the platform, a repository of clips depicting the ethics and aesthetics of hacker cultures.

Oracle bots at Hackers and Designers

Visual artist Annika Kappner and technologist Danae Valentina from The Digital Witchcraft Institute, will lead a hands-on workshop to create oracle bots.

Next Level Autopoiesis

The posthuman art will not have an author, much less an owner, it will be non-human and will be self-reproduced. It will be autopoietic.